The standard modules of Campus Manager Software include:


Students Managemen

  • Keeping Records of Admission Inquiry
  • Registration of Students
  • Attendance and SMS on Attendance
  • Student Profiles
  • Record Keeping
  • Certificates Printing
  • All Sort of Reports etc

Staff Management 

  • Staff Attendance (BioMetric, Manual)
  • Staff Attendance Reports
  • Staff Salary (Overall Report & Individual Salary Slips)

Fee Management

  • Fee Collection with Receipt Print
  • Record Keeping of Fee Collection
  • Record Keeping of Multiple Fee Collectors
  • Defaulters Lists
  • Sending Branded SMS to Defaulters

Accounts Dept.

  • A Complete Cahrt of Accounts is attached with Campus Manager

Exams Management

  • Managing & Printing Record of all taken tests
  • Students Test Reports (On Required Date Range)
  • Class Test Reports (On Required Date Range)

Branded SMS

  • User can create SMS Templates to communicate vis Branded SMS with Students, Stafff & Parents